WiNS Career Series

Liebe VCS-Mitglieder,
anbei findet ihr einige Informationen bezüglich eines Karriere-Events, was wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollten :)

Are you thinking about your future career? 
Are you unsure which career path you want to pursue? 
We are pleased to announce the 
These events will give you an overview of different career opportunities waiting for you.
Learn about the sets of skills that will make you successful in those roles and are important for your professional development. The workshop lasts about 25 minuteswith a focus on Q&A, where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to the speakers. 
In the third event of this series, you will hear about 
Quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry
February 2nd, 6 pm
Inga-Maria Rückert, Quality Assurance Manager at Sanofi will share her career path and tell you where your natural science skills are needed in quality assurance.
The typical entry point to quality assurance is after a master or PhD. Therefore we warmly encourage students to join. 
The event will be held on zoom.
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