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Firmenich is privately owned and one of the leading companies in the field of creation and manufacturing of perfumery products, flavours and specialty chemicals with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
We are committed to the development of performing and sustainable production processes. In this context, we have an open position for a

6 month Internship in R&D

in the Process Optimization and New Technologies Group of our Research & Development Division in Geneva, Switzerland.
Project Description
The project involves the feasibility study at the laboratory scale for the conversion of a currently existing batch process to continuous. The chemistry is known and is not to be changed. The work would involve:
• Understand the experimental setup (including the data acquisition software).
• Physical characterisation of the system (residence time distribution, etc).
• Devise (in collaboration with the project sponsor) an initial series of experiments to evaluate the impact of various parameters upon the process.
• Carry out the experiments including all the required chemical analyses of the streams (most of the analytical methods are already available).
• Mathematical analysis of the data.
• If necessary make required modifications of the existing equipment.
• Using the knowledge gained from the initial series of experiments devise (in collaboration with the project sponsor) further experiments and carry them out and perform all analyses (chemical & data).
• At the end of the project the work should provide data for scaling up the process or show that the conversion of the batch process to a continuous process is not feasible.
• At the end of the project the candidate will be required to provide a detailed written report of the work and to present the results to an audience of chemists. The report is to be written in English. The slides for the presentation should be in English but the presentation can be done in either English or French.

The successful candidate will have the following profile:
• Interested primarily in doing experimental work in the laboratory.
• Motivated and able to work independently.
• Willingness to work as part of a team.
• Methodical and organised.
• Basic knowledge of chemical engineering.
• Good mechanical aptitude (ability to work with pumps, tubing, etc.)
• Some experience of working in an organic chemistry laboratory.
• Good written and oral communication skills.
• Fluent in English. Proficiency in French would be a plus.
• Must always comply with all relevant HS&E (Health, Safety & Environmental) rules and regulations.
If you are interested in this position and your profile corresponds to the requirements, please send your application including CV and cover letter to Strict confidentiality will be respected.

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