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About SEC
SEC is a construction company based in Chalkida, Greece. The company has executed multiple public and private construction projects, either solely or as part of Joint Ventures. SEC holds a 4th class contractor certification (7th the highest), issued by the Greek Register of Contractors Enterprise (ΜΕΕΠ). The company is particular active in the area of environmental construction projects and will be participating in a bidding competition for the study and construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Central Greece.

About the role
We are looking for a MSc. or PhD student to conduct the detailed concrete mix designs that will be used in the execution of the structures of the project. The study will be conducted following the standards set by the Greek Regulations on Concrete Technology, which are the result of the merge of the European Norm EN206-1 and the corresponding Greek legislation.

Information that we will provide:
• Short technical description of the various concrete structures of the project, which are: 1.Pumping stations, 2.Balancing tank-Primary treatment building, 3.Aeration (basins) tanks, 4.Sedimentation tanks (clarifiers), 5.Return sludge pump station, 6. Tertiary process building (decontamination / filtration), 7.Blower (deodorization) building, 8.Sludge management building
• Short description of the Wastewater Treatment Process
• The contents of the effluent (Chemical composition, Flow Speed, time and spatial wastewater level fluctuations, etc.)
• The additional to EN206-1 requirements of the Greek legislation.
• The required concrete consistence class (by slump) for each structure.
• Classification of each structure to the typical exposure classes according to the Greek Regulation (corrosion induced by carbonation, chlorides other than or from sea water, etc.) – Limiting values for concrete composition for each structure

Deliverables that the Student will have to provide:
• For each one of the abovementioned structures of the project:
>Determination of the corrosion factors that threaten the structure due to the biogenic corrosion, acidic attack, sulfate attack, other factors (BOD level, high sulfate and dissolved sulfide concentration, high H2S concentration, low dissolved oxygen levels, low wastewater pH, bacterial manifestation of the genus “Thiobacillus” and the product of their metabolism, sulfate reducing bacteria, sulfur oxidizing bacteria, etc.).
>Determination of the requirements (limiting values) for the concrete composition, related to the exposure corrosion factors such as max w/c ratio, cement type, min cement content, min concrete compressive strength class, min air content, max aggregate size, admixtures, additions, etc.
> Detailed concrete mix design
> Specification of other requirements for the assurance of the durability of the structure for the project work time life (minimum reinforcement concrete cover, potentially suggestion of special concrete protective layers, etc.)


Location: Work from home
Prerequisites: Very good knowledge of concrete technology
Application Deadline: 30th June 2018
Submission Deadline: 2 Months
Salary: €3.500, 00


Contact Information
Passas George
Civil Eng.
Mob. +30 6937 221022

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