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15. Mai um 18:30 - 20:30

If you have ever seen an “Integration Bee”, you have a good idea what this event will look like. We want to compete in a similar fashion about doing retrosynthesis!

There will be several round, in which two teams of 1-2 persons try to propose a plausible retrosynthesis for a given molecule in a very short amount of time. A jury of experienced organic chemists will then award points for the solutions. The winning team will advance further in the competition until they will eventually compete for the trophy in the finale!

This will be the third edition of the “Retrosynthethon“! Snacks will be provided, so even if you do not want to participate, come by to enjoy the competition and to try the problems on your own!

Everyone is welcome! We try to come up with a fair competition for those who are not as experienced with organic chemistry yet.



Um ein möglichst reibungsloses Event und eine angenehmen Atmospäre für alle Teilnehmer zu ermöglichen, gilt folgender Verhaltenskodex.




15. Mai
18:30 - 20:30

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